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it may be 15 to 45 minutes before they can play ball again. we did find two giants finds rocking their orange towels before the downpour started. they're in their $500 seats behind home plate. they decided, spur of the moment, to make this trip. rain or shine, they tell us they're glad they did. >> we love our giants. go, giants! >> what's it like being in this sea of red? complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we are still in a rain delay for game 3 of the nlcs. right now the cardinals are leading the giants 3-1. it's in the seventh inning. as soon as it clears up in st. >> it's okay. actually, everybody has been really nice. we're very impressed. >> they need some runs. we're worried about that storm coming in. >> reporter: they're both great teams so it's really exciting to see them battle it out. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: they pulled on their plastic chairs. they were not going to wear the red cardinal ones. but this rain threat has been with us all day, even at batting practice hours ago. louis, we'll send you back to that game live. but for now, a group of students in oakland became victims while trying to bring positive change to their city. rob? >> reporter: students are making a film about preventing violence in oakland when, in an ironic twist, their camera was stolen at gunpoint. it happened here at 32 and
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the skies were gray, wind was kicking up. the word was that the storm might start at the beginning of the game, but then that kept getting pushed back. so, as you know, we've got about two-plus hours into it. just past the seventh inning stretch, which has become now the seventh inning sleeper here at busch stadium. i was told that in '06 they had martin luther king, an area known as ghost town, in broad daylight. two students from the center for human rights were about to begin shooting. >> we were setting up the scene, when all of a sudden, two young men came up to us with a gun, demanding our camera equipment. >> what did you do? >> we all backed away and let them take the equipment. >> reporter: this is a clip of the movie the students are trying to make as part of the a huge downpour here with 80- mile-an-hour winds that tore the tarp, flooded the bay front, and he said within an hour after it stopped, they were playing ball again. so they have a state-of-the art system for drainage and they definitely know how to get out of it. >> so far, game 3 of the nlcs has been a story of missed opportunities. >> sports director mark ibanez is here now. they sure had their chances. heal the streets program. the movie deals with the relationship between the economy and violence and violence presence. in a bitter twist to the story, the students and staff became victims themselves, the students did not want to talk on camera. >> they understand through personal experience how the economy plays into incidents like these. >> reporter: the setback has apparently not defeated the student. >> they were upset but they were very motivated to continue
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standing eleven guys that are 0-for-7, batting with runners in scoring position, this is one of the most frustrating postseason games in a long time for the giants. they do get off to a nice start. everybody wants to know about marco scutaro, the injured hip the other night against matt holliday. he came out playing. early on, the double. with runners at second and third. they were not able to capitalize in a big way. with the project. and they have stood by -- stood throughout this incident with a lot of compassion and understanding for what happened. >> reporter: the program is trying to raise $3,000 to replace they did score their one and only run when pablo sandoval scored. but in one swing of the bat, a man on, and matt carpenter erases that one-run lead, a shot to right. way gone. interesting, carpenter only in the game because cardinal star carlos beltran left with a sore knee. so he comes in and he's the hero so far. in the seventh inning, they
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score on matt cane. then the rains really begin to fall and they delay things, as you've no doubt heard by now. when they resume, which they no doubt will, seventh inning, bottom of the seventh, two on, two out for the cardinals. they lead the game 3-1. of course, the series is even one game apiece. but right now, just exasperating from a giants' point of view, because they have had several opportunities to not only lead in this game but score huge. >> well, it's not over just yet. >> two more innings. >> thank you, mark. game 3 has been a tough one to watch for giants' fans, even from thousands of miles away. paul is live in san francisco with giants' fans and a waiting game. >> reporter: gasia, as the rain trickles down -- actually poured down in st. louis, people began to pour out of here in san francisco. now, of course we still have a few people inside waiting for the rain delay.
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with this game being in the middle of the day, a few of the sports bars we went to were pretty busy. earlier in the day we were at mccovey's. the game kept fans on the edge of their seats, as the giants played their hearts out, hoping to take the lead in this seven- game series. true giants fans keep the faith. >> we learned that they could be down two and still win it three in a row at home. we're in! >> i've seen 2010 happen. it's all about 2012 now. >> it's torture! being the giants, i know they're used to it. that's why i love baseball. >> we will watch them tomorrow and friday, and we're ready! >> we're ready to go out on sunday and monday. it's gonna go into a seventh. >> giants have to torture us a little bit.
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that's how it always is. >> reporter: there is still the game left. you can watch that right here on ktvu. the giants, of course, are ready to battle back. they had two games already lost in san francisco. but they battled back. many people say they can do it yet again. of course, the game will continue right here. live in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. we are waiting for game 3 to resume. when it does, we will bring it to you live. the two teams are scheduled to be back at it tomorrow in st. louis as well. first pitch for game 4 assessed for about 5 p.m. coverage starts at 4:30, right after a special early edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4. a richmond city councilman is changing his tactics in an effort to get chevron to pay for the economic impact of that huge refinery hire. jeff says the august 5 fire set the city and its residents back in several ways. he had planned to introduce a
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proposal for a compensation package. but last night, he pulled that apologize off the city council's agenda. he still says he plans to pursue the idea. chevron said in an e-mail that it plans to provide financial compensation for documented medical and property damage expenses. authorities are trying to figure out who killed a motorcyclist from san jose who disappeared one month ago from a party in san jose. a hiker found the body of 32- year-old eric dean garcia near mt. bashe. an autopsy led to the homicide determination. garcia's motorcycle is still missing. a judge in hayward has thrown out a discrimination lawsuit filed by the oakland police department by one of its investigators. the sergeant claimed he was targeted for religious reasons. the judge ruled longmeyer failed to prove his claims.
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in 12 minutes, oakland police released surveillance video of a homicide. we showed it today to the victim's family. we'll have the appeal they are making to the public. in the south bay, a construction worker is recovering from a head injury after falling down an elevator shaft. the accident happened on hillview just before 9 this morning. authorities say the 46-year-old worker was installing barricades around and open elevator pit when he fell. they say the pit was about 25 to 30 feet deep. there will be an investigation. >> we will, through the investigation process, identify everything that happened leading up to the incident and see what possibly led to the incident and that will give us the indicators of what we need to address. >> the worker is being treated at stanford hospital. no word tonight on his condition.
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the fbi says it has arrested a man who plotted to blow up the federal reserve building in new york city. agents say they took 21-year- old quazi into custody after he parked a van full of what he thought were explosives and tried to detonate them. undercover federal agents had provided the phony bomb-making materials. he is a native of bangladesh and claimed to have ties with al-qaeda. and then there were two. you are looking at one of only two ships left in the oracle team usa america cup's fleets. what happened to the sister ship when we come back. red flag warnings have gone up for parts of the bay area. i'll show you where those areas are and how hot it's going to get in your area tomorrow.
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tonight we're learning more
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about what led to oracle's america's cup boat. >> reporter: frank, this is one of those pieces, part of that 72-foot wing. these boats are really built for speed, and accidents will team. team oracle says it's probably just a matter of time before it happens to another team. they just happened to be the first. at a team when team oracle should be in the water, they were busy trying to get their america's cup catamaran on dry land. this is not the way they wanted to see their ac72, just two months after being put in san francisco bay. it's being fished out of it, upside down, piece after carbon piece. tom is an olympic gold medal sailor. >> we're still learning about what these boats can take. and i think we found what they can take yesterday.
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>> reporter: the team had the ac72 out sailing yesterday. as the winds and current got stronger and the waves got bigger, the team decided to bear away, or turn away from the wind. a witness recorded the moment the boat capsized. when the nose went down, the back of the boat was six stories above the water. >> when we realized that we were going to capsize, jimmy said everyone hold on tight and look out for your teammates. >> jimmy spithill is the skipper. >> we had a plan and we had to use it. >> reporter: team oracle's boat caught the aftermath. but nothing captures what it was like to be on board moments before this when it up-ended. >> when you've got a cabin rigging and wings and foils and lots of sharp things to hit on the way down, it's a very serious matter. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was seriously injured. the team was out on the water
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again today with their ac45. >> now, another 72-footer with a full intact wing is under construction but it won't be ready until the beginning of next year, reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. in san jose this morning, smoke billowed into the sky from a fire that broke out in the brush near a homeless camp near coyote creek. firefighters say they got the flamings under control before the fire could threaten the elementary school. tonight, there's no word yet on what caused the fire. federal prosecutors announced the indictment of four people in an alleged fraud scheme involving unemployment disability insurance. charges include mail fraud and are being brought against employment development department employees. prosecutors say the four defrauded the state out of about $360,000 and each face up
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to 20 years in prison if convicted. blockberg news reports violin has filed an initial public offering valued at almost $2 billion. they filed under a newly enacted law that allows the company to keep its ipo plans confidential until three weeks before the road show. it applies to companies that will make less than $1 billion in annual revenue. violin makes flash memory for data centers. on wall street today, the numbers were up across the board. do you jones up a little more than five points, closing at 13,557. nasdaq gained about three points. and the s&p 500 was up six points, closing at 14,060. san jose-based ebay reported revenue rose today. ebay said more people are
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shopping on line and using its paypal payment service. home foreclosures here in kroo california have dropped to a five-year low, this according to the research firm data quick. it's down 31% from the same month last year. it's down 64% from the first quarter of 2009. data quick says more foreclosure activity involved homes that sell for less than 200,000. a fire started this morning not far from highway 154, in the painted cave area. authorities ordered evacuations of about 40 of the 100 homes that are currently threatened. temperatures today were in the 90's with 20-mile-an-hour winds. today marks the 23rd
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anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. it hit in 1989. it collapsed a section of the bay bridge and knocked down buildings and started fires in san francisco's marina district. 636 people were killed. more than 3700 others were injured. today, new polls show voters think president obama came out head of mitt romney in the second presidential debate last night. ktvu's ken is here to break down what we saw last night and to look ahead to the third and final debate. >> gasia, it was clear after the first debate that governor romney won by a large margin. this time around, those polled gave it to the president. >> reporter: on the day after president obama and governor romney both hit the campaign trail, both sides claiming victory, debate watchers were
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mixed. >> i think mitt romney came out a little more articulate. he had a little bit more of a clear version. >> earnest resolve and social intelligence, i gotta go with obama. >> reporter: other polls showed similar results. u.s. and political science professor cory cook also gives the second debate to mr. obama. >> he called out the inaccuracy of governor romney's statements. i think governor romney, on the other hand, sort of appeared to be bullying quite a bit. >> reporter: it was a debate that focused on a number of issues. cook said romney stumbled on immigration and women. >> i think a lot of what we'll be talking about is this binders full of women and how actually, not only was it inartful and really sort of an awkward moment in the debate, but it was also fundamentally inaccurate. >> reporter: the most heated exchange was on the attack in
5:18 pm
libya. a moment, says cook, that fell flat for romney. foreign policy is the sole topic of monday's final debate. >> the president is commander in chief. he has a clear advantage in talking about these issues. >> reporter: if one of the candidates has ground to make up in monday's debate, it may be turnover, considering there will be fewer undecided voters come monday and potentially a smaller audience in that third and final debate. both president obama and mitt romney are getting some backlash from what might be called the "leave me out" movement. from sesame street to hollywood, people are angry over being used as political fodder. television blasted mitt romney for threatening to cut big bird and objected when big bird later appeared in an ad for obama. supporters of big bird are
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planning a rally in washington, just three days before the election. organizers first called the event the million muppet march. neither the muppets nor public broadcasting are involved with the rally. we are waiting for game of the nlcs to resume, because, bill, there's some pretty nasty weather out there. >> there is. we saw it on tv. but things are changing out in st. louis. let's take a look. i'll show you. i've backed it up one hour, because i want you to see the progression of this system. we're back here at 4:18 our time. and we're going to come right up to the current time. you can see the back edge. we're starting to get into those light yellows and greens. that's representing clearing out there in st. louis. i wouldn't be surprised if they pulled those tarps in the next 15 or 20 minutes. for us, it's hot, temperatures
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in the 80's. sacramento, 85. san francisco is only four dress cooler than sacramento. that happens in october and november. that's why fall weather is so different. normally it's hotter in the valley, cooler at the coast. but right now, san francisco, 81. sacramento, 85. a red flag warning now for the higher elevations of the north and east bay, up in the hills above berkeley. up in the hills up here and above mission peak. the vacaville, fairfield warning, that's going to get dropped at 7:00 tonight. our red flag warning listen continue through tomorrow morning, around 7 a.m. so the winds are expected to come up tonight, maybe 15, 25 miles an hour. not huge. not a 10 on the scale of red flag warnings, but you certainly worry this time of year, you know, oakland hills
5:21 pm
fire time of year. so we're going to be watching it closely. right now it looks like we're going to be okay without any real heavy strong winds. with that said, winds are coming out of the north and northeast. dryer weather. warmer weather. we're going to see numbers tomorrow warmer than they were today. when i come back here at 5:45, we're going to go right back to st. louis and look at that forecast. then we're gonna get you your five-day forecast with your weekend in view. a call for help. the plea from the family of a homicide victim, as police release this surveillance video. how a car parallel parking led to the deadly shooting. and a decision is made. will another chick-fil-a restaurant be opening in the south bay?
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit.
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just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5. oakland police say they hope a surveillance tape they released just today will help them make the case against a killer. investigators say 29-year-old charles butler was gunned down last december after he got into a confrontation with two men outside of children's hospital. they say it started when he parallel parked near the men and bumped into that car as the surveillance video just showed. now, at our invitation, his team came to ktvu today to view this surveillance video.
5:25 pm
>> there's hundreds of people who saw, who know, who didn't come forward at first, who are afraid of being a snitch or whatever. i'm hoping that some of those same people will be touched by this video and that they can see how senseless this was. >> police say they hope anyone who witnessed the confrontation or the shooting will call them. the federal government says violent crimes around the nation rose last year. it was the first year-to-year increase for violent crime since 1993. the 18% jump marks the end of a long string of decline in violent crime numbers. they had fallen 65% in the past 19 years. the data from the u.s. bureau of justice also show property crimes went up 11% last year. the mountain view city council has blocked plans for a drive-through chick-fil-a restaurant. last night's 4-2 vote overturned the zoning approval to build the restaurant.
5:26 pm
it appears that the vote in mountainview had nothing to do with the same-sex marriage debate. instead, residents complained that the restaurant would be too large for the space and they said the drive-through service would cause traffic and pollution problems. despite a reward, a puppy stolen from scpa is still missing tonight. violet was stolen yesterday afternoon. shelter officials say violet has not had all of her vaccinations. she also was spayed just three days ago and needs to be monitored. the spca is offering a $500 reward for her return. he arrived at the spca after being abandoned in a garbage can. if you have plans involving the san mateo bridge this weekend, you'll have to make changes. we'll tell you why caltrans is closing the bridge in a loud report. a prominent doctor in south bay has been arrested on a
5:27 pm
long, long list of felony charges. we'll tell you what the prosecutor and the doctor have to say about it. download the free ktvu app. in the app store, now. complete bay area news coverage for your pasadena. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. some stunning allegations tonight against a prominent medical director in the south bay. he is under arrest, facing charges of illegal sale and use of drugs, including methamphetamine, oxycontin, ecstasy and marijuana. and robert is here now to tell us that is exactly just the beginning. robert? >> reporter: we are at the agency where the doctor once held that prominent position. today people here are reeling as the doctor faces those numerous felony charges. he also gave us a very succinct
5:30 pm
answer to thosal allegations. he had a successful life, and until a week ago, a prominent position as health director at valley health plan. but now the 61-year-old marvin bonham faces 18 felony charges related to illegally prescribing drugs to giving drugs to criminals and minors. >> he was basically using his power of being able to write prescriptions to get drugs, possibly to get sex, and for also resale for money. >> reporter: a search two weeks ago of bonham's home turned up more possible evidence. >> sales quantities of methamphetamine, sales quantities of ecstasy, mushrooms, marijuana cultivation operation. >> reporter: at home, after posting $1 million bail. bonham declined to be on camera, but while controlling a barking dog, proclaimed his interest.
5:31 pm
>> channel 2? you want to just give me a statement? you want to just give me a statement, something that i can put from your point of view? >> reporter: the search reportedly turned up more, including child pornography and video from surveillance cameras in bedrooms. >> there will be separate investigations into possible allegations that could include child pornography and inappropriate contact with minors. >> reporter: we did not hear back from bonham's attorney. bonham is scheduled to be officially charged in court tomorrow. live in san francisco. a 24-year-old keith coffey was found dead in his home. this video is from newschopper 2 taken during the investigation. police are calling it suspicious but they haven't released any other details. if this is determined to be a
5:32 pm
homicide, it would be pacifica's first this year. a 25-year-old man that told san jose police his girlfriend committed suicide is now accused of her murder. they say anthony almaguer reported the death of his girlfriend. due to the suspicious nature of the circumstances, homicide investigators were called in. they say the result of the investigation implicated him. they are asking for members of the public to call them with additional information in this case. oakland police are issuing a warning that vigilantism will not be tolerated of the upcoming occupy anniversary coming up this thursday. you may remember the occupy protest that left many store fronts destroyed by vandals. over the weekend, a flyer was posted that claims to be from a group called doom.
5:33 pm
some residents say it's not right to fight violence with violence. >> i can understand their motivation in the sense of their wanting to protect oakland and make sure that people are taking care of the city and wanting to use their energies for more positive forces. but i don't -- wouldn't agree with that tactic. city councilman delfuente called the author of the flyer a crazy extremist. work crews will be making crucial repairs on the san mateo bridge. ken? >> reporter: frank, if you have any plans of crossing the bay this weekend, freeway signs are posted all over the bay area, warning drivers you can't use the san mateo bridge. this is the problem. a crack that was discovered two years ago in an i beam at the base of the bridge high-rise. from newschopper 2, you can see
5:34 pm
the area of the bridge where the $3 million repair project will take place. steel plates were bolted over the cracked i-beam as a temporary fix. but this weekend, workers will install a new i-beam to replace the cracked one. >> this design was done back in the mid 90's and we've learned a lot since then. >> reporter: a crane will be placed on the bridge to remove twelve sections of the bridge deck. caltrains provided this video showing the huge deck sections being fabricated. >> we'll put in the new deck sections and put them in place. >> reporter: the bridge will be closed from friday at 10 p.m. until monday at 5. drivers such as kristina's mother. >> we'll have to travel a little bit more, so it will be a little bit heck tech. >> reporter: stanford fans heading to cal for this weekend's big game will also have to bypass the san mateo
5:35 pm
bridge. add to that, celebrations on both sides of the bay for one of the religious weekends for indian americans. >> we'll let everyone know that, hey, you cannot use the san mateo bridge. >> reporter: the bridge work won't be done in one weekend caltrans will close the san mateo bridge the following weekend to finish the job. we're still waiting for game 3 of the nlcs to resume. it was stopped in the bottom of the seventh with st. louis leading the giants 3-1. our chief meteorologist is tracking the weather there. bill, how much longer do you think until the system passes? >> it's pretty much over right now. check it out. we're in the green zone here. there is light sprinkles and drizzle. the main system is moving off to the east. we're getting a break in st. louis now. worried about this next little squall line moving in, just sitting a few miles to the west
5:36 pm
of st. louis. that's where we are right now, heaviest rain through. this live picture in st. louis, we're on the ground. and i've got reports there now of light drizzle, barely coming down. very little wind. looks like they're getting ready to play some ball again. with the voter registration deadline just days away here, more than half a million californians have signed up for the new online system. the system debuted four weeks ago under a law authored by the state senator of san francisco. he says younger voters especially are taking advantage of the new system. he cites numbers from political data incorporated that show 20% of those registering online are under the age of 26. oakland police and city workers rolled up their sleeves today. they led the way at a city hall blood drive. the goal they set and the lives they're hoping to save.
5:37 pm
a record-breaking year for stanford. the new number the university is touting that has nothing to do with academics.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
new amateur video claims to show a syrian military helicopter being shot down by rebels. you heard the gunshots there. then you'll see the helicopter
5:40 pm
spiraling downward. it then explodes into a ball of flame. there's been no independent verification of the downed helicopter. the city of oakland held a blood drive today at the police department. police officers and other city workers are among those who participated in the biannual drive. the event was also open to the public. organizers say the drive typically generates about 50 units of blood, which could save about 50 lives. it's not clear how much they ended up getting today, but the goal was to boost the amount to 100 units of blood. stanford university today announced it just finished a record year for fund-raising, receiving more than $1 billion in cash gifts for both the school and stanford hospital. that figure rose almost 50% from the year before and represents gifts from 79,000 donors. the previous record was set back in 2006. the fall of an american icon. what nike did today to a
5:41 pm
cycling superstar. and i'm back in just a few minutes. i'm keeping an eye on that st. louis weather. i'm also keeping an eye on that red flag warning that has just gone up for parts of the bay area. go, go, go. mmm. give me some of that sauce. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces.
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two major developments today in the lance armstrong saga. the disgraced cyclist lost two big-money sponsors. john tells us that armstrong also stepped down as the leader of his cancer support foundation.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: just two days before livestrong's fund-raiser gala, the face of the cancer support foundation stepped away. the retired seven-time winner of the tour de france says he did it for the good of his nonprofit, the livestrong foundation. >> i feel bad for the charity. i think he did work hard to build that up. >> reporter: livestrong distributed 70 million of these wrist bands worldwide, last year providing $6 million in anti-cancer programs. >> in order to protect this organization from any kind of effect as a result of the controversy from the cycling world, he would step down as chairman. >> reporter: nike dropped armstrong as an endorser, reportedly worth $50 million over five years. anheuser-busch said it would drop armstrong over the next five years. >> he never let it go through
5:45 pm
the process, so no one will ever know. >> reporter: cyclists say armstrong is trapped. there is now mounting evidence that he lied. >> i think we were all fans because it was so excited to see what he was doing. >> he behaved dishonestly but tried to do good things. >> reporter: the doping controversy appears to have no effect on livestrong's fund- raising. donations this year are actually up. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. new research that taking multivitamins lowers the risk for developing cancer in men. it cut the chance of the men developing cancer by 8% but scientists don't know if multivitamins would have the same effect on women. they say the most effective way
5:46 pm
is through a good diet, regular exercise and not smoking. state regulators are investigating whether cvs pharmacy refilled prescriptions without patients' consent. some qoam plain that cvs renewed doctors prescriptions without permission. some customers also say they were enrolled in an automatic refill program without their knowledge. the california pharmacy board is investigating. cvs responded by saying it requires a patient's consent before filling prescriptions. google released pictures that allows goinger users to see pictures of the plant. the internet giant needs computing power, not just to answer search requests but also to store information and track the habits of users.
5:47 pm
one day soon, military uniforms could be made of a special fabric that would protect against chemical and biological agents. that's because of work being done right now at livermore labs. the fabric would let clothing breathe under normal circumstances but then close up and protect when the garment comes into contact with chemical or biological weapons, the united nations has declared the year of the bat. the masters of the night exhibit covers 2500 scweer feet, featuring hands-on interactive displays. visitors will learn about the crucial roles bats play in pollination, insect control and seed disbursal. >> there's a fungus called white nose which is decimating bats. and bats are really important to the world, because they're
5:48 pm
probably the no. 1 predator on bugs. they eat more bugs than any other creature on this planet. >> this will be open to the public tomorrow and runs through january 6. again, if by chance you're wondering whether the giants won game 3 in the nlcs, right now that game is on hold because of rain in st. louis. it's been on hold now for over an hour. over to our chief meteorologist. what is it looking like now? things are getting better but i think the entire bay area is sitting on pins and needles. they want to get this game going. check out the last few hours. this is some nearly severe weather. look at that, going through st. louis. this is our time, 4:00, in the upper corner. now, look where we are as we move through time. that's the last of it. now we get up to the current, about 5:48. we're in this drizzle area behind it. so right now we're getting a little bit of a break. the computer model wants to
5:49 pm
move it out pretty quick. you see it starts to clear out. so we'll be tracking it for you. around here, we've got red flag warningings so talk about. look at the heat. san francisco, that's the airport, 81 degrees. very telling of the wind direction. we talked about it. we got next 24 hours, a high fire danger. that's why the red flag warning went up for the east bay hills, north and east bay hills. this red flag warning now towards fairfield will be dropped. that will be dropped about 7:00. our red flag warning has gone into effect in the hills and it will stay in effect through tomorrow morning, early. so we're anticipating some winds, 25, 30 miles an hour, heat as well. is it going to be crazy hot? no. but this time of year, low 90's, that's pretty hot. you'll see humidity down in the teens easily. and of course, fire danger is huge this time of year because
5:50 pm
it's a mediterranean climate. it doesn't really rain in any great amount all through summer. we haven't had any significant rain really this entire period. tomorrow, warmer still. that's why that red flag warning stays into effect. cooler as we head into the bay area weekend but still above- average temperatures. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 87 in fairfield. 90 in santa rosa. lots of low 90's out in brentwood, livermore, 90 in danville. some areas will get into the low 90's. other areas in the upper 80's. suffice to say it's going to be a pretty hot day tomorrow. it's all relative. this wouldn't be hot for august necessarily. the five-day forecast with your bay area in view. of course, in st. louis, i'm sure they're thinking about getting those tarps off. one of the things we noticed, there's a secondary squall line kind of moving in behind this, so they may get the tarps off, but they may -- it depends.
5:51 pm
they have a couple innings left to go. so we'll see how it goes. right now looks like they can get the tarps off. >> we saw debra earlier. she was miserable! getting away with it. laws are getting tougher on people who drive while texting. but just how many are actually getting caught in the act? (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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the u.s. transportation department is giving away grants to develop ways to catch people who text while driving. tickets for texting make up just 5% of all cell phone violations. police departments say it's just easier to catch someone talking on a cell phone while driving. a former drug squad detective is suspected of stealing or using or redistributing drugs that were supposed to be destroyed. the aulingses against jehan amdjadi, or j.j. amdjadi, were revealed yesterday. the district attorney also confirmed that jehan amdjadi is under investigation and tested positive for cocaine use. he worked eight years on the force. the mid peninsula regional open space districted is expected to vote on one of five
5:55 pm
plans to deal with the landmark structure. they range from tearing down the tower and restoring the land to putting a fence around the structure and looking for funding to fix up the building. other options include removing most of the tower and allowing public access or keeping the building but preventing the public from going inside. san francisco is getting ready for an invasion, as the nation's top skateboarders and bmx street-style competitors. the event will re-create authentic street features on a closed course. top athletes will be competing. we are still waiting for the rain to end in st. louis, so game 3 of the nlcs can resume. when it does, we will rejoin fox sports for live coverage. in the meantime, oakland students taking action to prevent violence in their city. in two minutes, what happened when they took their effort to the street and became the
5:56 pm
victims. a golden opportunity for california wine makers. we'll tell you why this year's harvest looks so promising.
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